Adoption Procedures

Greyhound Pets of America seeks qualified adoptive homes that are committed to responsible pet ownership. We have established formal procedures to ensure that retired racers are placed in loving homes with people who will take good care of them.

Prospective owners must understand that greyhounds need to be house pet, since they have little natural protection from the elements. Due to their breeding and training, they must be leashed when not in an enclosed area.

If, after reviewing the information on this web site, you are interested in adopting a greyhound, complete an adoption application. When your completed application is received, a placement representative will arrange a convenient time to visit with you in your home. During the visit, you and the placement representative will put together a profile of the greyhound best suited to your lifestyle and needs. While there, the placement representative will answer your questions. Should you decide to adopt and should your application be approved, your placement representative will suggest ways to make the addition of your greyhound a safe and happy experience for all concerned.

All of the greyhounds in foster placement have on file a profile completed by the foster family. We compare these profiles with the profile you and your placement representative prepared. You will then be put in touch with the foster families of those dogs which seem best suited to your situation. You are welcome to visit these dogs. When you have found the greyhound of your dreams, we will help you complete the adoption arrangements.

There is a $300 tax-deductible non-refundable adoption donation to help us cover our costs and continue adoptions. This donation goes toward the dog's neutering or spaying, teeth care (cleaning, polishing, and any extraction's that may have been necessary), worming, Heart Worm test, and shots (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella and Corona vaccinations), all done before the greyhound goes home with you. Each dog is supplied a GPA identification tag, and a greyhound safety collar and matching leash.

Adoption Application

By answering the following questions, you'll help us find greyhounds for you to choose from that are best suited to your needs, lifestyle and schedule. You are welcome to expand on any area or provide additional information in an email

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NOTE: Greyhound Pets of America wants both pet owner and greyhound to be happy, and attempts to match each applicant (based on answers to the questions in this application) with a greyhound suited to their particular home situation. After we receive this application a GPA representative will contact you. Please use another sheet of paper if you need additional room for answers to the following questions:
8. Do you own a home? *
If you do not own your home, are you allowed a dog?
If renting, can you have a dog over 50 pounds?
10. Do you have a fenced-in yard or area? *
If no, is there a fenced-in area nearby where you can exercise your dog once or twice a week? Checkbox 4
11. Are you willing and able to take your pet greyhound outside at least four times a day for necessary functions?
12. Do you intend to do any of the following activities with your greyhound?
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Adoption Conditions
We at Greyhound Pets of America feel that greyhounds are very special dogs with the typical temperament of a sight hound. For this reason, prospective adopters must be willing to agree to the following ownership conditions. By checking the spaces provided, you show that you understand and agree to these terms. *
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501c(3) Charitable Organization #02-0424800 Donations Are Deductible To the Extent Allowable Under IRS Regulations PRIOR TO ADOPTION GPA/CNH has each track greyhound examined by a veterinarian to ascertain that it is in good health. The dog is neutered, tested for heartworm and kept current on heartworm preventative medication. The dog is also given inoculations as needed for distemper/parvo (DHLLP), kennel cough, and rabies. In addition, a fecal float is performed and, if necessary, appropriate worm medications are administered. ADOPTERS RECEIVE health records for their dog, a collar and leash, a GPA/CNH I.D. tag, and a copy of the book: Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Brannigan. Your GPA/CNH placement representative is ready and happy to help you and your greyhound through the transition period of adoption. COST: In order that GPA/CNH may continue providing the medical pre-adoption services, a minimum $300.00 non-refundable donation is requested of each adopter.