Local/Regional Greyhound Events

These groups have annual events. Please check their web sites for dates and information.

Greyhound Friends  http://www.greyhound.org/eventDetails.cfm?eventID=432
Greyhound Options  http://www.greyhoundoptions.org/GOhome.events.html
Maine Greyhound Placement Service http://www.greyhoundplacement.com/index.php
Greyhound Adventures http://greyhoundadventures.org/
Greyhound Rescue of N.E.   http://www.greyhoundrescuene.org/

National Greyhound Events

Trying to plan you next vacation? Check out some of these events that both you and your greyhound(s) can enjoy! These groups have annual events. Please check their web sites for dates and information.

Greys & Grapes  www.VirginiaGreyhounds.org
Mountain Hounds  www.gfncmountainhounds.com
Greyhound Festival of the Bluegrass http://www.greyhoundsofshamrock.org/home
The Grapehound Wine Tour - New York  www.Grapehounds.com
Greyt Escape - Kennels to Kouches http://greyhoundtrustalliance.webs.com/
Beach Bound Hounds www.greyhoundcrossroads.com
Greyhounds Reach the Beach https://www.facebook.com/groups/GRTBmessageBoard/    and   https://www.facebook.com/groups/596545270484495/
Greyhound Gathering https://www.facebook.com/groups/GRTBmessageBoard/
Sandy Pawshttp://www.sandypaws.org/

Greyt Links

Greyt Supporters

  • Petco - GPA-CNHC holds regular monthly Meet & Greet's at many locations in NH. Petco has also generously awarded us with numerous Petco Grants over the years.
  • Little Critters - have been supporters of Greyhound Adoption for many years.
  • HoundTime - Irene and Len Ullmann for their support of not only GPA-CNHC, but GH adoption groups nationally.
  • Deco Dogs - Holds a monthly GH only play group and a portion of the proceeds go to both GPA and GPS.
  • Atkinson Graphics - They always offer us a donation and or discount each time we get T-shirts from them. They have supported GPA for the past 6 years.

Learn More & Connect with Others

  • The Greyhound Project - Publishes "CG Magazine" (formerly Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine) and the famous annual "Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar". There is a wealth of information on why and how retired racing greyhounds can make wonderful pets! Also for those out of the NH area; there is a site map to location a GH adoption program in your area.
  • Greyhound Data - Database contains more than 400,000 pedigrees and has been online since 1999. Most of them are from America, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain with the oldest pedigrees going back to 1790. Our site is highly visited by breeding enthusiasts and owners of adopted Greyhounds, who are searching for the race history or relatives of their dogs. Everybody can add his dogs to the database and upload pictures.
  • GreyTalk - Greytalk has been on the internet since August of 2000. The community has served over 16 thousand members and currently has over 3000 active members and growing daily. Greytalk has a rich and diverse culture with members from many countries throughout the globe.
  • Facebook has hundreds of links to Greyhound Groups, activities and interests. They are too numerous to mention. Please do a Facebook search for what your are interested in.

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