If you are willing to volunteer for a task, please contact us by filling out the application, or give us a call! We always have way too much to do, and too few people to do it, and welcome new people and new ideas to our group. Below is a list of things for which we need help. We're sure that there are a lot of things you could think of that we haven't considered, so please do get in touch with us and give us your ideas.

If you are interested in being a Foster Home for our Greyhounds, please click here for more information, and an application form.

  • Donations
    Donations of the following items are gratefully accepted: money, blankets, towels, crates (portable kennels that house a single dog), veterinary care, advertising, printing, and publishing.
  • Foster Homes
    This is a critical aspect of GPA's successful adoption of ex-racers, and a chance for love. We need all the foster homes we can get, so we can take more dogs as they grade off the tracks. When the tracks open in May, there are almost always dogs that come off the track very soon thereafter. Racers are culled continuously, so this is a continuing need. We can work around your needs, and even if you only want to foster a couple of times a year, it is still a very big help. We feel strongly that fostering helps create the best matches.
  • Demos and Events
    These events allow the greyhounds to help each other by simply being themselves in public and showing people who they are. They do the showing and we do the telling!
  • Grant Writing
    Do you have the time and experience to fill out grant applications and/or write grant proposals? We'd love to hear from you!
  • Transportation
    We need volunteers during the daytime to transport the dogs to and from vet appointments, or from the farms or tracks. Each ride is an opportunity to give a little more reassurance to a greyhound friend who is entering a new world.
  • Home during the day
    Events or errands often need to be accomplished during weekdays when many of our volunteers are at work. Let us know if your schedule would allow you to help with weekday events or errands. Many fun greyhound surprises have popped up during the week!
  • Telephone calling
    We continually make telephone calls to remind people of upcoming Demo's, follow-up calls to foster parents or new adopters, or handling requests for information from volunteers. This does not involve soliciting for donations. If you enjoy talking on the phone and talking about greyhounds, this job is for you.
  • Other
    Suggestions for promotional events that would introduce more people to greyhounds, fundraising events, good locations for Demos, donations of dog food or bathing supplies which you can arrange, eBay benefit auctions, whatever you like to do!

Volunteer Application

By answering the following questions, you'll help up find greyhounds for you to choose from that are best suited to your needs, lifestyle and schedule. You are welcome to expand on any area or provide additional information via email. director@gpa-cnhc.org

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