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GPA-CNHC update
2015 has been a tough year for GPA, with a couple of major setbacks. Just when we were close to solving the first one, that State of NH dealt us a major blow. For the past few years we have operated using a brokers license, due to not having an actual shelter or physical address. More importantly, we were told that we could no longer use foster homes in lieu of an actual kennel. Broker groups in effect could only bring in animals that have been pre-adopted. Once out of quarantine, they are to be transferred to their adoptive home. We are not willing to do that. For a time it appeared that we would no longer be able to continue as an adoption group. I sent a letter to the state veterinarian expressing our views on the changes that have affected GPA-CNHC. I did receive a response and was told that there is a provision for groups adopting small numbers; "occasional operations."

What that means
We cannot have more than 2 'adoption events' a month. We can adopt more than one GH at an event, but only 2 days a month for actual adoptions.

I have been told that newly retired GH's fall under the 'behavioral rehabilitation' category. Another new rule change was that foster homes can only be utilized for 'medical or behavioral' rehabilitation. Animals cannot be adopted directly from foster homes. They need to be returned to the groups shelter for adoption. That will mean we can no longer deliver GH's to the adoptive homes as we have in the past. They need to be adopted an an adoption event; either the groups new physical address or Portsmouth Petco M&G. To meet the physical address required to satisfy the shelter requirements, I have applied to and have been granted zoning approval by the Town of Milton to use my home as the physical address for GPA-CNHC. There is a 30 day waiting period to give residents one more chance to appose this zoning change. Then I send in an application for the shelter license and the state will inspect my property. I have been told that there are many breed specific occasional operation groups that are able to use their homes as a physical address. If all goes according to plan, I hope to be able to bring in some new GH's in the Jan. 2016. Diane

Open House

Due to the reduced size and scope of the GPA-CNHC organization, it's been decided by the board to discontinue the monthly open house at Woodlawn Kennels in Warner. Prospective adopters will still have the opportunity to meet available greyhounds at the Meet & Greet locations. Meetings with specific greys can be arranged via emailing us or calling us at 888.507.9597.

Help Wanted

Foster Families
We are in need of foster families - would you be able to help? Click here to learn more about becoming a foster family.

Meet & Greets
We are looking for new and/or present GPA volunteers to volunteer about 4–5 hours a month as leads and Meet & Greet volunteers. We need leads (one who sets-up the table and controls the supplies as well the M&G) with a hound or two in the following locations:

  • Little Critters Pet Center - Exeter, NH
  • Petco - Amherst, NH
  • Petco - Manchester, NH
  • Petco - Dover, NH
  • Petco - Nashua, NH
  • Petco - Plaistow, NH
  • Petco - Salem, NH

If you are able to help, please contact our events coordinator at 888.507.9597 or

The Race

Every retired racer needs a forever home! Watch this inspiring video and then visit our available hounds page. You won't be able to resist opening up your home and sharing it with a greyhound, or two, or three, or four, or five...

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Thanks to some of our sponsors!

Petco - GPA-CNHC holds regular monthly Meet & Greet's at many locations in NH. Petco has also generously awarded us with numerous Petco Grants over the years.

Little Critters - A new Meet & Greet location for us in Exeter, NH. We look forward a long association with these folks.

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If you would like to meet any of our available hounds please contact us to schedule a time.

Phone: 888-507-9597



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